Be Warned of Lung Cancer Symptoms in Men

Be Warned of Lung Cancer Symptoms in Men

Lung cancer is a deadly disease that no man wants. Indeed, it is actually possible to cure cancer including lung cancer. However, the main requirement relies on the stage of the cancer itself. In order to cure cancer immediately, it is important to seek medical treatment immediately. However, it will only start after being aware of lung cancer symptoms in men from the first time. Understanding these lung cancer symptoms will help to mitigate the cancer quickly.

List of Lung Cancer Symptoms in Men

  • Atelectasis

This symptom happens to most men when cancer starts to develop in man’s lung. This is a condition when gas exchange in the lung starts to fail. The symptom that happens in near airway results unpleasant condition such as coughing frequently in a great period of time. When the coughing is followed by blood, it is more advanced lung cancer symptoms in men.

  • Paraneoplastic syndrome

It is basically a result of active immune system against cancer, and is only visible under microscope. However, it is possible for men to feel the activity of this immune system through headaches, exhaustion, and fading or losing consciousness. Additionally, it is also followed by some health problems all around the body in general such as skin, eyes, and bones.

  • Pancoast syndrome

This condition creates pain in shoulder down to the arm. It is followed by weakening of the arm. There is also a tingling sensation in the arm which makes more uncomfortable. Lastly, this syndrome also includes excessive sweating in the face.


Those are some lung cancer symptoms in men. Men may not miss the once-a-lifetime chance to cure the cancer if they ignore those symptoms. Please note that those mentioned symptoms are ones that happen often to men. It is essential to consider other general lung cancer symptoms for both men and women.

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